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Monday, December 19, 2011 ☆ Monday, December 19, 2011
Happy Joker Day!

assalamualaikum + annyeonghaseyoblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

evening everyone ^^, such a nice day isn't? LOL apa hal yang aku merepek ni? -.- btw, aku baru je habis tengok 49 days EP 7 part 2. nak sambung but lambat loading.tension gua blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com owh ye, hari ini birthday rap kita! Junghyung oppa!

alahai. cair hati aku dibuatnya blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com and aku terjumpa satu ucapan dari beauty. wohoo sumpah best woo!

Happy 22nd (23rd) Birthday to our one and only Lapper with a Fat Tongue who loves Coke, wifey Hyunseung, playing with Yoseob, slapping like a girl, laughing shyly while covering one’s mouth, licking one’s lips with le tongue coming out to breathe the air ( I swear that thing’s alive =.=), composing and writing swaggerish rap lyrics, nagging at the other members and just doing things to make us fans wonder where our poor ovaries have gone to!

Seriously, you are one hell of a boy that is truly AMAZING and absolutely FLAWLESS!

Please stay the way you are~ the Yong Junhyung we first fell in love with and will forever love till the end.

We B2UTIES love you our dear Joker! ♥

best kan? credit to her (^_^) . owh once again, HAPPY JOKER DAY OPPA!! (^_^)blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com